Long time ago, when men from Rude (eng. ore) were indeed miners, and their wives were working in the fields and the children playing and watching after goods, a story about Miner’s cake began.
The Miner’s cake is today recognized and accepted in every household in Rude and has become a trademark of every home.
The cake had a great role in modest households of that time. It was served as a main course - the ingredients being affordable to everyone which made its preparation easy. The cake was named Greblica after a tool which was used to clean ash in old stone ovens. The only written document about the making of this cake is contained in a book about Samobor folk life and customs written by Milan Lang, where Greblica was described as a thin cake made of cottage cheese and walnuts. Once it often used to be the only meal the miners had had and today it is treated as a specialty that people, not only in Rude but also in Samobor, pride themselves on. The cake also represents a part of the Rude Tradition Revival Project, aimed at restoring the old Mine, miners’ folk dances and a number of other customs that make Rude very attractive to visitors.
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